Who We Are

The International Network of Online Evangelists (INOE) is a global non-profit and voluntary Christian organization.

Founded in 2016, INOE brings together online evangelists from all parts of the world, Christians with a heart-deep passion for online evangelism and those who have received a special call into online evangelism ministry.

INOE‘s leaders and members volunteer their time, skills and resources for the growth and advancement of the organization. It is a voluntary work for God (Colossians 3:23-24).

What We Do

• We bring online evangelists together

There is power in purposeful and meaningful association. God Himself attested to this fact in Genesis 11:1-6. Hence, we believe when we come together as online evangelists, we can populate the kingdom of God through the Gospel of Christ far more than we can do on our own individually. Our members come from different nations, races and cultures of the world.

• We create awareness about online evangelism

More and more Christians need to realize the Internet provides numerous opportunities and avenues through which they can win and disciple souls for Christ in obedience to the command given us by Christ in Matthew 28:16-20. Making them aware and/or reminding of this fact is one of our goals.

• We train members for effective online evangelism

Knowing there are effective methods of doing online evangelism, we help our members learn the effective, proven ways of winning souls through the Internet. We make sure our members are well equipped with the relevant knowledge needed for kingdom expansion.

• We conduct seminars for churches on online evangelism

Educating and sensitizing the church on fulfilling the Great Commission through the Internet are some of our vital responsibilities.

Since we know the role the church could and should play in advancing the Gospel of Christ, we try as much as possible to give local churches practical and effective training that would enable them to be efficient in taking the Gospel beyond the usual, actual world to the virtual world (the Internet).

We train these churches so they could produce evangelists who are not only effective in evangelizing in their physical environment but also in their online environment.

• We give spiritual and other forms of support to members and new online converts

Considering the nature of Christian evangelism, whether conventional or online, we are always prepared to give our members all the support they need to be more effective in their soul winning quest.

• We network with one another for mutual support and opportunities

Our members have numerous networking opportunities for more productivity. They can always connect and collaborate with one another for more online evangelistic work and mutual support.

• We mentor new online evangelists for ministerial growth and effectiveness

Apart from the training we give our members, online evangelists, who are new to or have little experience in online evangelism, have a good platform for growth, experience and effectiveness through our mentoring programme. Our members, who are experienced online evangelists, are willing and ready to mentor their less experienced counterparts.

• We train youth on the effective & positive use of the Internet and social media for maximum impact

The Internet has become an integral part of the life of the modern man, most especially the youth. Hence, we train youth on how to use the Internet for maximum, positive impact, and so there can be safer cyber world.

Who Can Join Us

• All Christians, who share the Gospel of Christ on the internet.
• Those who want to be online evangelists.
• Those who want to turn the internet to mission field.
• Those who want to learn online evangelism.

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